Garage Sale to Raise Funds to Support Projects of Children Care For Children

Garage Sale on Sunday, May 27th, 2012 from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM or until all items are gone

Free Lemonade served by my little Sister Anusha and her friend Sana

My friends are helping organize the event. They are also bringing many items that will be sold and money raised from them will be donated to various projects undertaken Children Care for Children.

Thank you to my my friends:
Mariha Meghani
Sarena Meghani
Sarena Wadhwani

Support for India Education Fund (

Details coming soon

Book Review: Three Cups of Tea (Youth Edition) (

After reading this book, I wanted to share it with as many people as I could, so I invited several of my friends to my home to learn more about the inspirational story of Greg Mortenson and his selfless mission to build schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan. I summarized the book, chapter by chapter. Afterwards, we had pizza and lots of fun.

A Soldier’s March for Peace (

A Soldier and veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Gunnar Swanson, who became my friend and mentor in a very short time, walked a 1000 miles. YES, ONE THOUSAND MILES. Gunnar is the most generous and nicest person I have met. He started his walk from my home to Northfield, MN to raise funds for War Kids Relief projects that give Iraqi, Afghani, and American children the support and training they need to realize new possibilities for their lives.

Children Care for Children supported Gunnar’s walk, “A Soldier’s March for Peace”, also known as ASM4P. I was appointed as its Junior Spokesperson. One of the reasons why this project is very special to me is because it benefits the children of The Darnami School in Khost, Afghanistan – the same school I have been supporting since early 2007. Please visit for details.

This project is about children helping children, children learning about culture of other children, children connecting with children of different background, and children learning about the living conditions of children in Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries. Also, it is about children knowing children who don’t have the same opportunities as we do. And that is why it shares the mission of Children Care for Children. I urge everyone to visit website and get involved.

“Be careful of your duty to your Lord Who created you from a single soul and from it created its mate and from them twain hath spread abroad a multitude of men and women” Holy Qur'an - Surah 4, Ayat 1

“I think in order to learn to respect each other, we have to focus on what we have in common. You don’t have to think very deep or far. You can just look above or beneath you. What do you see? You see the sky and earth. Do you think children in Cairo or children in China or Afghanistan see a different sky or an earth than us? Absolutely not - we share the same sky and the same earth. In a way, if you think about it, it makes all of us ONE BIG family. And I feel that the more we learn about each other, the more we will respect each other, and if we respect each other, there will be peace that will last forever.”Sarosha

English Dictionary

English is an International language, and when learned along with the local language, it allows students to continue their search for knowledge beyond their villages or countries.

I proudly completed a project that provided 800 dictionaries (Pashto-to-English-to-Pashto) to all students in 4th grade and higher of Darnami Girls and Boys Schools in Khost, Afghanistan.

These dictionaries are of high quality and beautifully bound in hard cover. A similar dictionary would cost over $50 in US, but they are only $5 in Afghanistan. Most parents of Darnami students, make less than $1 a day, so purchasing a $5 dictionary is beyond their reach. Dictionaries are a treasure for children of Afghanistan. It will help them learn English, and that's what motivates me the most about this project.

Through Project “Flowers for Knowledge”, my friends and I raised funds for over 450 dictionaries in one day. See details below under project “Flowers for Knowledge”.

About Darnami School:
  • Darnami School is in Mandozai district, Khost province, Afghanistan, formerly known as Da Dornamio School, which included both boys and girls buildings with an enrollment of around 1500 students. Boys’ school has been relocated to different site allowing more space for girls’ classes.
  • The population of the Mandozai district has been estimated to be around 100,000
  • Forty percent (40%) under the age of 18
  • The illiteracy rate among men is 80% and among women is 97%
  • School Building: The people of Mandozia have donated about five (5) acres of land with buildings which are now school property. 2 out of 5 acres are used for Darnami Girls' School. The building currently has 14 rooms.
  • There is no drinking water supply for school children.
  • Though school building condition has improved a lot in last one year, several classrooms are still without chairs and desks. There is no room for a library. There are no books, magazines, newspapers, visual aid equipment. There is nothing for sports or physical education. The office has no furniture, no desks, no chairs or closets.

Flowers for Knowledge

Flowers for Knowledge was one of the most exciting and fun projects. Several of my friends and supporters of Children Care for Children came together to organize this fund raising event. All funds raised through "Flowers for Knowledge" project were used towards the purchase of Dictionaries for the Children of the Darnami School.

Eight teams of total 36 children lead by the following children of my age sold flowers at 8 different locations in Dallas on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2009.

Alyaan & Ali: Hollywood Theaters
Aashna & Alena: Mayuri Indian Restaurant
Arezo & Shabnam: Spice Inn
Aliya & Serena: Masala Masala
Sahil & Sameer: BBQ Tonite
Sanya & Nisha: Hevali & India Grill
Shari & Serena: Our Place
Shazia & Sabina: Shopping Mall

We sold almost 600 flowers and raised $2,271.07 in just one day, enough for 454 dictionaries. When we were first planning this project, my friends and I were hoping to make a difference in a few children by providing them English dictionaries, but making a difference in 454 students was beyond our imagination. We all felt so proud!!!

Shoes, Socks, School Bags and Supplies

This was Children Care for Children’s very first project. We provided the following items to all 500 girls of Darnami Girls school:
  • A pair of School Shoes
  • 6 pairs of socks
  • A school bag, and
  • Basic School Supplies (pencils, notebooks, crayons, etc...)

In The News

Girls in Afghanistan excited to go to school

Can you imagine not being able to go to school? To some children, that might sound great, but after a while, I bet you would wish you could go back. After all, you wouldnt be able to do much with your life if you didnt have an education. Unfortunately, for many children around the world, this is a reality. For a long time, while a group called the Taliban ruled Afghanistan, girls could not go to school. Even now that the Taliban is no longer in charge, some girls remain uneducated. Thats a problem that 11-year-old Sarosha Hansraj of Dallas, Texas, set out to fix. Read More »

Sarosha supports Soldier's March

Sarosha Hansraj, 11, center, founder of Children Care for Children, meets with Gunnar Swanson, left, and Dina Fesler of War Kids Relief before Swanson begins a 1,000-mile walk from Texas to Minnesota to raise money for children of war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Collect money and donate it to a cause that is near to her and her friend Sgt. Gunnar Swanson: Helping children who have been traumatized by war. Read More »

Donate Today

Even one dollar will make a big difference! I urge you to be part of ChildrenCareForChildren by giving as little or as big as you want. I want you to feel good about yourself by giving. All contributions go directly to help the children of Darnami Girls' School.