CBS 11 - Sarosha "Texan with Character"

After learning about girls in Afghanistan needing education, 10-year-old Sarosha Hansraj became inspired and knew she had to make a difference.

That idea spark turned into an organization named it Children Care for Children.

Sarosha's organization provides shoes, backpacks and basic school supplies to the Darnami Girls' School in Afghanistan. "For a long time, the Taliban didn't allow any girl to go to school. And so now that there are laws (allowing) for girls to go to school, I feel it is our responsibility to support them."

The 5th grader has helped more than 340 girls who attend the school and hopes to be able all of them and more. "There are over a 120 million children and they don't have any access to primary education so I know I need to help as many children as I can," the Grapevine girl said.

Her efforts have gained her recognition as one of the 10 national winners of the Kohl's Kids Who Care scholarship program this summer. She has some advice for other young people wanting to help:
"Everybody can make a difference and it doesn't matter how young or old you are, or how rich or how poor you are, because even $1 can make a difference."

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Donate Today

Even one dollar will make a big difference! I urge you to be part of ChildrenCareForChildren by giving as little or as big as you want. I want you to feel good about yourself by giving. All contributions go directly to help the children of Darnami Girls' School.