About the Founder

Sarosha Hansraj - Founder

Sarosha is a seventeen year-old girl from Dallas, Texas. After being inspired by a bedtime story, at the age of eight, Sarosha decided to help children in the developing world.

The story was about an underprivileged farmer who had lost all his crops due to a heavy rain. Not having enough money to buy seeds for the next season, the farmer was forced to borrow money for the seeds and food for his children. Unable to pay back the money in time, the farmer ended up losing his land to the moneylender. The only way there would be enough money to buy the family food would be if the children began to work in other farms. Therefore, the children stopped going to school and their already torn shoes wore off as they worked on the farm. The children missed school very much, but they were left with no other options.
When Sarosha woke the next day, she asked her Mom if there was something she could do to help the kids in this family. Her Mom explained to her that the story she heard was common for many families around the world and that children usually become the victims of such hardships.

Sarosha knew that she alone could not change the world and prevent stories like this from happening. But she thought that if the children around her were to join in and share her vision, together they could make a huge impact by changing the story of one child at a time.

In The News

Girls in Afghanistan excited to go to school

Can you imagine not being able to go to school? To some children, that might sound great, but after a while, I bet you would wish you could go back. After all, you wouldnít be able to do much with your life if you didnít have an education. Unfortunately, for many children around the world, this is a reality. For a long time, while a group called the Taliban ruled Afghanistan, girls could not go to school. Even now that the Taliban is no longer in charge, some girls remain uneducated. Thatís a problem that 11-year-old Sarosha Hansraj of Dallas, Texas, set out to fix. Read More »

Sarosha supports Soldier's March

Sarosha Hansraj, 11, center, founder of Children Care for Children, meets with Gunnar Swanson, left, and Dina Fesler of War Kids Relief before Swanson begins a 1,000-mile walk from Texas to Minnesota to raise money for children of war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Collect money and donate it to a cause that is near to her and her friend Sgt. Gunnar Swanson: Helping children who have been traumatized by war. Read More »

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